Charlotte’s Own Yung Peso Highly Anticipated EP “Legacy”

The Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Yung Peso delivers a new  EP where he talks about life and chasing his dreams while being young. The rapper and songwriter put’s his versatile approach to song making on full display all throughout the 7-tack EP titled “Legacy”

Soon after hitting the music scene this year with genre breaking singles like “Middleman” and “Get Back” Yung Peso has officially released his long-awaited EP “Legacy”

Yung Peso’s style of music creation is an exploitation of new genres and styles not seen commonly amongst newer artists. The way Yung Peso is able to combine his melodies with his rapping ability at a high level is very impressive.  The triple threat artist raps, sings, and writes all of his music. As your navigating your way through the 7-track EP you’ll quickly notice that Yung Peso is a true generational artist.

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